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Year 6

Dear Year 6 Parents, Guardians and Children, 


I hope you and the pupils are all keeping well. Although times are extremely hard, we are here for each and every child and family. Whilst it is important the pupils continue their learning at home or in school, I would like to stress the importance of supporting our mental health. As you are all well aware from previous lockdowns, exercise, colouring, cooking and even watching television will offer a balanced day to pupils. 


We will be offering varied options and support for pupils to complete their work throughout this period.


Resources available for pupils are:


Google Classroom- this will be central to most of the pupils learning. I have sent out login details and the relevant codes needed. Pupils are able to complete their work on Google Classroom and send their work into myself. I will then be able to mark their work and provide feedback. 


Purple Mash- I have attached Purple Mash logins to the pupils packs. Although work will not be set on Purple Mash, pupils are free to login and try the huge range of activities available. 


Twitter- I like other teachers, will be posting fun activities and quizzes on Twitter for pupils to try from home.


Home Learning Packs- this packs will link to Google Classroom and pupils are able to complete the work on the sheet or in the workbook I have provided. 


I would like to say I am extremely proud of each and every pupil for their continued hard work since September and again throughout another lockdown. Whilst times are hard for everyone, we will get through these tough times together. If you have any queries at all, please do not hesitate to contact: year6@ourlady-pri.liverpool.sch.ukI will respond as soon as possible. 


Myself, Mrs Keogh and Mrs Byrne miss every pupil and we really look forward to seeing everyone again.



Mr Fazakerley

12th-18th June First News Newspaper

There are 5 writing activities within this file. Why not send some of your brilliant work into the school Twitter account. :)

I have uploaded 1 reading file, as it has 10 comprehensions within it. The marks schemes are at the end of each task.

Design a player! Mr Fazakerley thinks this is definitely worth a try. Remember to email or post yours on Twitter. :)

Emotions Board Game :)

Government Daily Lessons

The Government has created The Oak Academy - an online school with daily lessons. Its extremely useful if you have completed the daily tasks I have set. Mr Fazakerley.


Geography Activity 11th May-15th May

Religion Topic 7: Witness. 20th April-11th May

Maths Arithmetic. Simply change the date in the top right corner and it will generate a new test. Year 6 love this. Enjoy :)

New copy of First News. :)

Carol Vorderman Maths

The Maths Factor is a brilliant website to support Maths learning. It is usually £2 a week however during this period it will be free. Enjoy :) 

Simply copy and paste into your search tab.

The latest copy of First News. 10th-16th April 2020

Here is some fantastic activities you could do at home to keep busy :)

I have attached a copy of First News for everybody to enjoy. I know Year 6 love to keep up with the global news.

Some brilliant websites for everyone to use

Simply copy and paste the link into your search tab.



Quiz Time

Year 6 and Mr Fazakerley have really enjoyed the quizzes so far in year 6. I have attached the website we use to hopefully bring some great fun :) 

Simply copy and paste into the search tab.

PE Resources

Don't forget some brilliant physical activity ideas can you be found on our PE Resource page :) Simply copy and paste into the search tab.

Hello Year 6, once again I hope you are all keeping well. I have attached some brain teasers for all of you to try. This varies from Ancient Greece to Extreme Earth.

If anybody needs some extra help with resources, please don't hesitate to email:   I will respond as soon as possible. Thanks Mr Fazakerley 



Maths Activities


Hi everyone, I have attached a brilliant website. You will be able to access lots tutorials and questions. Simply copy and paste the link into your search tab.

Easter booklets and Powerpoints for Year 6 pupils to complete. It is broken down into each day. Short and snappy. :)

Recommended timetable for Year 6. You do not need to replicate a school day, keep it fun :).

Hello Year 6,

I have included below lots of different links to websites that you will be able to use throughout this period. I hope you are all keeping well. Mr Fazakerley :) 

  • TopmarksPlay fun, interactive games, such as Hit the Button to support your learning.

  • National Geographic for children.Welcome to National Geographic Discover section! This is where you can discover some of the coolest facts for kids from around our planet. From animals and geography to science, nature and history, there are so many amazing facts for children just waiting to be discovered by young explorers like you!

  • NewsroundNewsround has some excellent resources to help you to share factual information about the Coronavirus with your child or children when talking to them about their anxieties and worries.

  • Purple Mash Use this link to access Purple Mash. Here you will find fun and exciting learning opportunities assigned to Year 6 children by their class Teacher.

Teachers and children alike had a brilliant time at Chester Zoo last week!

Everton In The Community came into OLA on Friday. The pupils learnt so much👍‬

‪Year 6 learnt lots from St John Ambulance today👍

‪Writer of the week for Year 6, well done👍‬

Year 6 really enjoyed their day at Crucial Crew and learnt lots about safety!

‪A brilliant dual narrative from Year 6, Mr Fazakerley is thrilled!

‪Star of the week for year 6, well done! ‬

‪Year 6 completed research on the main events of the 1970's. Well done👍‬

‪Year 6 eagerly writing about the events that have taken place in OLA's courtyard. Has Santa survived? Keep up the hard work😎‬

‪Outstanding research from Year 6 and well done to our writer of the week😎‬

‪Year 6 are very proud of the postcards they have sent to a care home in Ipswich- well done👏‬ 12/11/19

‪Year 6 worked really hard solving questions using short division, even with answers of up to 2 decimal places.😄‬ 4/11/19

‪A brilliant flashback from Year 6. Mr Fazakerley is very proud😎

Year 6 using their knowledge of dividing fractions to code break. Well done😄

Brilliant work by Year 6. Researching Dr Barnardo and writing fact file reports👍👏

‪Well done Year 6 full attendees this week👍👍‬

Well done to Year 5 and 6 participating in the LSSP dodgeball tournament👍🌟

Well done to Year 6, writing letters which will be sent to the local MP regarding becoming a Zero Hero. Well done👍

Year 6 class of 2019

A big well done to the girls for winning the Food for Thought football tournament⚽️⚽️

‪Year 6 making notes on the impacts of climate change. Using David Attenborough's documentary as a source👍👏‬

Fantastic animal creations for our cakes!

Mask making using paper mache and baking cup cakes was fun!

Year 6 working hard on their basic skills👍

Year 6 loved making 3D shapes and discussing their properties. Well done

Year 6 presented biographies about Ariana Grande, Simon Cowell, Theresa May and Mohammed Salah to the rest of the class. Well done everyone.

Year 6 working really hard to find percentages of amounts.

Year 6 thriving during their basic skills lesson. Well done :)

Year 6 have been learning how to use the bible.

Year 6 have been painting the Liverpool skyline .

We have been learning about 'Our Local Community' .

Year 6 have been learning the parable 'Jesus feeds the 5000.

Year 6 researching about Rivers 💧.

Year 6 had a lovely morning at crucial crew 😊

What a lovely afternoon we had at the Christmas Crafternoon . Thank you all so much for supporting Year 6 .

We had a lovely visitor the whole way from Ireland on Thursday when Miss Kearney's mum came to visit.

Learning all about Victorian prisons .

Year 6 measuring medicines .

Year 6 learning all about the Victorians.

Year 6 had a lovely morning learning all about taxes .

We had a fantastic morning learning all about British Values through dancing and singing.

Some fantastic self portraits by Year 6 .

Year 6 have been learning about pulse rates 22.05.17

Today in P.E we did lots of maths 🎾⚽️⚾️➗✖️➕➖ . 19.05.17

A wonderful morning in Year 6 😄. 12.05.17

Year 6 had a fantastic PE lesson today learning about teamwork and doing our best . We are all superstars ⭐️⭐️

Year 6 had a fantastic time in Kingswood!

The boys in Year 6 love to read !!

Year 6 have been learning about the importance of exercise as part of a healthy diet.

Year 6 have been learning all about Space and have made their own planets . 🌏

Year 6 have been learning about Space and have written biographies about Tim Peake.

Year 6 are very excited to send their letters to their pen pals in Ireland ☘

A big thank you to Fr Stephen who came into school to teach us all about ordination.