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Year 6

Colomendy 2022

Colomendy 2022

Colomendy 2022!

Year 6 boys and girls looking very happy in their new kit!😀

Mr Fazakerley is extremely impressed with the research from Year 6 regarding Britain in the 1950’s- well done!😀

Lots of brilliants experiments taking place in Year 6 today- well done everyone!

Year 6 really enjoyed learning lots from PC Neil yesterday regarding internet safety!👍

Year 6 are working extremely hard to produce a set of guidelines relating to internet safety.👍

Year 6 learnt lots regarding the impact of drugs and alcohol on the body. Brilliant role play performed by all.👍

2021-2022 Academic Year

September 2020 - July 2021

Outstanding WW1 Letter from Evie😃

Year 6 Football Tournament

Euro 2021 Sport Competition

Liverpool Foundation coaching Year 6 Girls

Crosby Hall Year 6

Year 6 Easter Egg Hunt

World book day for Year 6😃

Teachers and children alike had a brilliant time at Chester Zoo last week!

Everton In The Community came into OLA on Friday. The pupils learnt so much👍‬

‪Year 6 learnt lots from St John Ambulance today👍

‪Writer of the week for Year 6, well done👍‬

Year 6 really enjoyed their day at Crucial Crew and learnt lots about safety!

‪A brilliant dual narrative from Year 6, Mr Fazakerley is thrilled!

‪Star of the week for year 6, well done! ‬

‪Year 6 completed research on the main events of the 1970's. Well done👍‬

‪Year 6 eagerly writing about the events that have taken place in OLA's courtyard. Has Santa survived? Keep up the hard work😎‬

‪Outstanding research from Year 6 and well done to our writer of the week😎‬

‪Year 6 are very proud of the postcards they have sent to a care home in Ipswich- well done👏‬ 12/11/19

‪Year 6 worked really hard solving questions using short division, even with answers of up to 2 decimal places.😄‬ 4/11/19

‪A brilliant flashback from Year 6. Mr Fazakerley is very proud😎

Year 6 using their knowledge of dividing fractions to code break. Well done😄