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Year 5

Solving clues to find the murderer. Move over Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot!

Summer trip to Erddig House in Wrexham

Painting in the style of Salvador Dali

Solving problems about time

Writing as a refugee during the Spanish Civil War. Fantastico trabajo!

Learning about rotational symmetry using Maths on a Mat.

Celebrating Queen Elizabeth's birthday. Making cards and recounting significant events in her life.

Applying knowledge of area and perimeter to create dinosaur enclosures for their own Jurassic Park.

Learning about capacity by making capacity puddles on the yard. Children used skills of estimating and measuring as well.

📖 Children enjoying reading for pleasure in our new reading lodge with our Reader in Residence.📚

Preparing for Easter at our reconciliation service with Fr Stephen

Measuring accurately

Visiting the Big Little Library on World Book Day

Solving Maths Puzzles

Maths on a Mat

World Maths Day 2016

World Book Day 2016

Street Dancing

Beginning our new IPC topic 'Being Human'