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Year 5

Measuring force in Newtons.

Mass for the start of our new school year.

Welcome to our new Year 5 class!

Hello everyone in Year 5,

I hope that you are all happy and keeping safe. Thank you for all the learning you have completed while school has been closed. I have added learning tasks for the last week of school, which is next week 13th to 17th July. There are also new work packs in school to be collected. I am sorry that we will not be together again as a Year 5 class, but I look forward to seeing you all in Year 6 in September. 

Enjoy the summer holidays.

Take care

Mrs Gill xx

Practise Week 7 (13th July) Find the spelling mistakes.

Maths Resources 6th July - 10th July. Revise how to find common multiples and one tenth of amounts; square and cube numbers and Roman Numerals to 1000.

Try the next arithmetic test.

Maths Resources 29th June - 3rd July. Revise how to multiply and divide numbers and solve calculations; using the 24- hour clock, with timetables.

Try the next arithmetic test.

English Resources 29th June - 3rd July. Look again at poetry, a newspaper article and Banksy's art work. Use the powerpoints to revise adverbs of possibility and relative clauses.

English Resources 22nd - 26th June. Use the powerpoint to revise formal and informal language, investigate emotion words, practise expanded noun phrases and wite your own memories about this time.

Maths Resources 15th - 19th June. Watch the powerpoints to learn how to use 6 digit numbers, plot co-ordinates and reflect and translate shapes.

English Resources 15th - 19th June. Listen to the story 'The Lost Thing' by Shaun Tan, revise parenthesis and explore the famous poem 'Macavity the mystery cat'.

Don't forget to collect your new work pack from school, Monday to Friday from 9am to 3.30pm. I've included lots more tasks for you to try at home. Please let others in our class know. Thank you.

English Resources 8th - 12th June. Look again at the story 'The Promise' by Nicola Davies and non-fiction information about sea myths.

Maths Resources 1st - 5th June Practice on multiplying and dividing decimals by 10, 100 & 1000; subtracting decimal numbers and multiplying using a grid.

2 more, Arithmetic Tests for Year 5. Have a go, answers are at the end!

Hello everyone in Year 5,

I hope that you are all well and enjoying your time with your families. I must say how impressed I am with the work completed on Purple Mash. Some of you have written amazing poems and reports; completed fabulous art work, programs on coding and using the mash cams too. Obviously, I will not be able to see any other work you have completed until we are back in school, but make sure you keep what you have been doing to show me then.

As it’s half term I thought you might like to have a go at a project to create your own time capsule to include your memories of this extraordinary time when school has been closed. I’ve included some ideas, including a science experiment to create your own rainbow! It’s up to you what else you would like to include!

Enjoy this week and the lovely weather. I miss you all and look forward to when we can be together again.

Take care

Mrs Gill x

Maths Resources 18th May - 22nd May Practice on mental strategies to multiply and divide; properties of 2D shapes (Polygons) and Quadrilaterals.

Arithmetic Tests for Year 5. Have a go, answers are at the end!

English Resources 18th May - 22nd May Looking at famous speeches, protest songs and poetry, with relative clauses revision.

Maths Resources 11th May - 15th May Practice on adding and subtracting decimal numbers and properties of 3D shapes.Try the investigations if you want a challenge!

Try out these Maths starters each day, with answers too!

English Resources 11th May - 15th May Use poetry to revise metaphors and modal verbs. Write your own poem about 'What do you want to be?'

English Resources 4th May - 8th May Use poetry to revise relative clauses and pronouns; plan ideas for a superhero and practise your own persuasive writing.

Practise Week 3 (4th May) time adverbials, using the powerpoint, word search and handwriting sheets.

Maths Resources 27th April - 1st May Practice on factors, multiples, multiplication and division. Try the 'Mild' first, then the 'Hot'.

Reading Resources. 20th April-24th April

Check the Y5 spellings for the next 6 weeks

Practise Week 1 (20th April) the 'ough' words using the word search and handwriting sheets

Try these Easter Maths Challenges

Have a look at The Hamilton website for some great free learning at home packs.

The latest copy of First News. 10th-16th April 2020

Hello everyone in Year 5,

Here are lots of different links to websites that you will be able to use throughout this time at home. I hope everyone is well, keep busy and read as much as you can, Mrs Gill :) 

  • National Geographic for children.Welcome to National Geographic Discover section! This is where you can discover some of the coolest facts for kids from around our planet. From animals and geography to science, nature and history, there are so many amazing facts just waiting to be discovered by young explorers like you!

  • Newsround Newsround has some excellent resources to help you to share factual information about the Coronavirus with your child or children when talking to them about their anxieties and worries.

  • Primary Resources to support learning.Free resources in all subject areas to support learning.

  • Purple Mash Use this link to access Purple Mash. Here you will find fun and exciting learning opportunities for Year 5 children set by your class Teacher.
  • Topmarks Play fun, interactive games, such as Hit the Button to support your learning.

At our class assembly we reflected on the sacrament of The Eucharist.

Lots of great characters for World Book Day!

Playing Mathopoly for World Maths Day

Safer Internet Day, learning about using apps safely.

Improving our cycling safety skills with #bikeability

Exploring people's feelings in PSHCE

The crowd expressed their emotions.

Still image for this video

We explored feelings.

Still image for this video

Acting scenes from The Promise.

Still image for this video

Acting out a scene from our story 'The Promise'.

Exploring musical dimensions, using body percussion.

Enjoying playing with our toys and games for The Epiphany.

Investigating materials for their properties.

Final performance of Gabriel's Big Break!

A fantastic Christmas dinner together!

These are some of the postcards we sent to refugees.

Everybody improved their skills at 'Coding' for #computerscienceweek

Rehearsals for Gabriel's Big Break went really well!

We love our Travelling Crib!

Training for the PALS course(Physical Activity Leaders) learning new skills.

We pray The Rosary together.

We said Good bye to our music teacher.

A celebration of Mass on the feast of Saint John Henry Newman.

Year 5 thought of ways to be a #zerohero to stop climate change.

Congratulations to our new Reading and Writing ambassadors!

Y5 are working hard to improve the quality of their writing.

We imagined what it would be like to travel in Henry's 'Freedom' box!

Y5 class story is 'Henry's Freedom Box'

Welcome to Year 5

Everyone tried their best at Sports Day!

Altogether at Croxteth Hall!

Fun with the animals!

Acting scenes from our class story.

Super posters to show fruits of the Holy Spirit.

Eggcellent designs for Easter hats and eggs!

Art work to prepare for Easter.

Our trumpet players joined Year 4 for a great performance.

Our World Museum visit taught us a lot of interesting facts.

These are our completed lunar rovers!

Putting together our lunar rovers, to complete a task for #scienceweek !

The Pop Project helped us to think about our future in a fun way!

Our class had a great time playing with our toys and games, to celebrate The Epiphany!

'What Christmas means to me!' Our fantastic Christmas play!

We sold out of Christmas sweet cups at our Bazaar!

Creating our Christmas crafts was fun!

We all enjoyed taking part in the Liverpool Readathon!

We wore odd socks to show we are all unique, to support Anti Bullying Week!

Watch a scene from our Remembrance Assembly

Still image for this video

What a superb assembly for Remembrance Day!

Preparing for our class assembly painting poppies.

Painting our Greek pots!

Improving our modelling skills to make Greek style clay pots. Adding handles was tricky!

We learnt lots of ways to stay safe in the NSPCC assembly and workshop.

Designing a scene from the Olympics for a Greek vase design, using paint and black marker pens.

Designing a welcome sign in different European languages for European Language Day.

Acting out scenes from the Greek myth Perseus and Medusa, was fun!

We enjoyed a visit from the chief Constable of Merseyside Mr Andrew Cooke, who came to our school when he was a boy!

Learning about animal adaptation in Y5!

Year 5 computing- game creating

World Book Day

Maths- Measurement

Excellent work