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Year 4

We had a fantastic day out at Martin Mere!

We all tried our best to earn points at our Sports Day!

To finish Science Week we made exciting lava lamps!

Lots of investigating of materials going on for Science Week.

We had fun playing maths games, on Maths Party Day.

We had a fantastic time displaying our talents at playing the clarinet, with a live band at the Resonate Concert at Gateacre School!

Party food to celebrate!

We had a great party to celebrate making our Holy Communion!

What a beautiful celebration of Holy Communion. Well done everyone!

Y4 scientists carried out an investigation to find out the properties of different materials. We found interesting results.

We carried out a survey of traffic to collect data, to create our own bar charts and line graphs!

Relaxing in our Reading Area during Golden Time.

Happy Birthday Your Majesty from Year 4!👑

We all enjoyed reading our class novel, The Railway Children in The Reading Lodge💫🌟

We all had a great time at the disco! All Y4 friends together!

We all had great fun dressing up as celebrities or styling our hair for our Bad Hair/Celebrity Day! Altogether we have raised the fantastic total of £180.21 for The Good Shepherd charity. WOW!!Well Done Y4!

Our science lesson was really interesting, when we looked at the different parts of fish to find out how they help them survive in water.

We enjoyed acting out play scripts and making our own sound effects!

Parents and family joined us for a Readalong in our classroom!

The Big Little Library in Belle Vale was great fun!

Everyone had fantastic costumes of different characters!


Everyone had great fun playing Maths games on World Maths Day!

Our class took part in a Reconciliation Service with Father Stephen in church.

Y4 really enjoy playing Dodge Ball!

Father Stephen blessed and opened our Holy Door of Mercy today, then everyone in school walked through the Holy Door to our Ash Wednesday service. We all received our ashes to remind us of God's forgiveness.

We all had a fantastic time at The Alice Experience at St George's Hall!

We helped The Legion of Mary by praying The Rosary for our families and those who are sick in our parish.

Meet our Reading Ambassadors and Collective Worship helpers, with their new badges.

We enjoyed practising moving forwards and backwards on a bench, in gymnastics!

Children from our class celebrated their sacrament of Confirmation with Archbishop McMahon. It was a wonderful celebration!

Lulu won a £15 voucher for Liverpool 1! Congratulations!!

Grace, Demi Leigh and Kieran all won prizes for their designs for the Maxwell Hodge Christmas colouring competition. Well Done!

These children all won prizes from Mrs Ness for designing 3D crib figures,

We had a fantastic performance of Gabriel's Big Break. Well done everyone!

Enjoying making 3D Christmas trees.

We sold out all our Christmas Cups at our Bazaar! Thank you to everyone for coming.

We played the whole of the clarinet this week!

A finished calendar. Wow!

We all had a great time making Advent Calendars. A big thank you to Mrs Ness for helping us and providing all the super craft materials!

For Anti Bullying Week we have been learning what bullying is and how to deal with it. Also, we discussed how a victim of bullying feels.

During November we are praying for all the Holy Souls who have died in our families.

Y4 learnt about the meaning of the poppy and paid their respects, by praying for all those who have died in wars.

Year 4 collected all this food for the local Food Bank. How generous everyone has been. well Done!