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Year 4

Hello everyone,


Year 4 will be able to find their work on Google Classroom over the next few weeks.  This can be accessed by logging in with your username and password, given to you by Miss Taylor and typing in the code for your group.


Stay safe and take care.smiley


Here are the codes for our Google Classrooms in Year 4




  • Blue group:     jhmoa4m 
  • Green group:    jhmoa4m
  • Orange group:  fszftsf 
  • Red groups:  fszftsf





  • Blue group:       z5vtr2b
  • Green group:    z5vtr2b
  • Orange group:  4sqdp3y
  • Red group:       4sqdp3y



Come and See


  • Blue group:    24kr3ct 
  • Green group:    24kr3ct
  • Orange group: pskhf2v 
  • Red groups:   pskhf2v




  • Blue group:      nnv47mf
  • Green group:    nnv47mf
  • Orange group: pskhf2v 
  • Red groups:    pskhf2v


         Physical Education (P.E.)

Class code for everyone: r2ky7xv

Celebrate the Year of Reading 2020.

Year 4's thoughts about friendship.

Calling all Year 4 Art Detectives. ๐Ÿ‘จโ€๐ŸŽจ๐Ÿ‘ฉโ€๐ŸŽจ

Great work Charlie ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค— Well done!

Hi Everyone! I hope that you are all okay winklaugh 

I have added the BBC Bitesize weblink to our page so that you can join in with a variety of online lessons.


Happy Earth Day Year 4!

Could you design a leaflet informing the rest of the school about the Earth?


Have a look below to research your ideas.

Fun with English for next week. 13th April 2020

Fun with Maths for next week 13th April

Hi everyone, I have attached a brilliant website. You will be able to access lots tutorials and questions. Simply copy and paste the link into the search tab.

Year 4 Trumpets. 03/02/20. So Good.

Still image for this video

A huge thank you to all of the adults who helped Year 4 with own clothes and messy hair day for CAFOD.

Year 4 have finished their Carnopic jars. 11/03/19.

World Book Day Thursday 7th March 2019

Year 4 have been greeting each other and asking how they are during Spanish lessons.

Still image for this video

Another performance!

Still image for this video

What a fantastic performance on our brass instruments! Well done Y4

Still image for this video

Fun games for #Liverpoolmathsparty day!

Our class all celebrated with those who have made their Holy Communion together!

Marius led the marching chant through Chester!!

Still image for this video

Everyone learnt how to drill and march together!

Still image for this video

A fantastic trip to Chester to meet a Roman soldier!

Our writing to persuade the ancient Britons to join the Roman army, has lots of facts!

Designing our own Roman shields was fun!

We enjoyed our Royal wedding celebrations!

A fantastic Holy Communion celebration!

Enjoying our Film night with Year 3!

Watch this video to see how St. George killed the dragon!

Still image for this video

Our assembly for St. Georges Day told everyone about St. George!

Acting out our story with a dilemma was fun!

Fabulous Easter bonnets and egg decorations!

Mrs Ness helped us to make fantastic Easter collages!

We researched cities in Europe to find information.

Bishop Tom visited our school today. We showed him our posters about 'Jesus, the Bread of Life'.

We had fun investigating gases around us!

A fantastic World Book Day!! Guess who we all are?

We had a fantastic time learning about books through the ages with the Pop Project!!

We designed posters to show respect on Safer Internet Day

A fabulous poster to remind us to recycle.

Father Stephen explained the symbols used in a funeral mass. We asked him lots of questions!

Green group led our worship this morning

Celebrating The Epiphany with lots of toys!

A lovely class mass in The Romero Room to begin the new term.

A great Christmas party day! Santa gave us all a present too!

We enjoyed selling what we made at The Christmas Bazaar!