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Year 1

Capacity and volume questions.

Science Activities - Minibeasts

Activity Packs:

Mrs Kelly has put together a new set of English and Maths activity packs. They can be collected from school via the car park entrance Monday-Friday from 9:30-3:30. Please remember to collect yours and don’t forget to spread the word. Thank you!

Writing Activities. Read the story starters, choose your favourite and off you go! Remember to look at the prompts and answer the questions. The pictures are there to help you. Enjoy!📝

NASA space launch 🚀

Lots of fun ideas to try this week

Claws, Paws and Whiskers: Your Half Term Project!

Lots of fun activities here to keep you interested and busy during Half Term. Mrs Kelly and Mrs Benson can’t wait to see what you come up with. Remember to tweet photos of your work or email your work to us at the email address at the top of this page.

Maths Everywhere! Lots of fun activities, games and ideas to keep you thinking about numbers.

International Nurses Day. This week celebrates nurses everywhere and the great work they do to help us. We will look at some important nurses including Florence Nightingale, Mary Seacole and Edith Cavell.

Edith Cavell

Edith Cavell Word Mat

Edith Cavell Role Play

Comparing hospitals then and now activity.

Happy birthday Florence Nightingale.

Florence Nightingale reading task and questions.

Florence Nightingale Word Mat.

Mary Seacole Activity.

Mary Seacole Word Mat.

Hedgehog Awareness Week 3rd-9th May 2020

Hedgehog puzzles and activities 🦔🎨✂️✏️

Don’t Hog the Hedge. A hedgehog story for you to enjoy.

Don’t Hog the Hedge Questions to Answer.

How to help a hedgehog 🦔

How many of these hedgehog facts do you already know?

Hedgehog reading comprehension. Read the text then answer the questions.

Hedgehog Bread Recipe

Fun hedgehog craft ideas for you to try.

Make a hedgehog mask.

Maths revision chart

My Home Project. Ideas for every curriculum area all about your home and family. We have already covered lots of the topics in class so this will be good revision. Tweet Mrs Kelly photos of your work!

Build a model! Gather any materials you have at home and make a model of your choice. It can be a building, your home or something wonderful from your imagination! Use your measuring skills to find out its height. Tweet a photo of your work for Mrs Kelly to see.

New week, new challenge from Mrs Kelly. Do you remember our story Paper Planes about best friends Mia and Ben? Have a go at following the instructions to make your own paper plane and decorate it. Post your planes on Twitter for all our friends to see.

Easter Baking Activity

Make an Easter basket: On a square piece of card draw this template. Cut as shown. Fold sides up and secure with glue/tape/staples. Cut and add a handle. Decorate your basket!

SPRING TIME PROJECT- Have a think about the changes we see in Spring! We would love to see some lovely pieces of art work or maybe some poems or writing about what you are seeing around you! Take a walk with your family and spot the signs that spring is here!

Suggested Daily Timetable of activities

Indoor Scavenger Hunt. Write down what you’ve found! Share on our school Twitter page OLA_LIVERPOOL

Try Aboriginal Dot Painting like we did in class.
On some paper/ card draw around your hand or maybe draw your pet.
Use cotton buds dipped in paint to decorate. No paper, no problem... paint a stone or a plant pot from your garden. Have fun! 

Science week 2020

Investigating capacity

Star of the week and writer of the week 09.03.20

World Book Day 2020

World Maths Day

Star of the Week and Writer of the Week

Measuring length using non-standard units

Aboriginal Art

New half term = new exciting writing events in Year 1. We came back to a picnic and a classroom full of paper airplanes. We wrote questions about our findings.

Writer of the Week and Star of the Week

Writer of the Week 10.02.20

D.T. Making model houses

We are learning to divide

Writer of the Week 03.02.20

We interviewed nurse Rachel about her special job in the community. A lovely afternoon.

Congratulations to our Writer of the Week

Exploring everyday materials in Science

Writer of the week

Our next Read to Write Journey

Geography fieldwork in our local area

Interviewing officer Anderson and learning about the police car and uniform

Lots of fun in Spanish

Still image for this video

Counting in 2s, 5s and 10s

Exciting writing challenge

Christmas themed writing activities!

Sporting achievements

Hardest worker and best team player at Gymnastics

Great science workshop for children and parents

Excellent work using number lines

Remembrance Day Assembly

A range of Maths skills the children have been learning

Amazing writing during the first term in Year One! The children are really working hard!

Excellent work learning all about World War One!

Welcome to Year One! We are looking forward to an excellent year!

Thank you to all of our parents / carers who attended the Phonics Workshop this morning. If you could'nt make it, please find all of the information above.

For British Science Week Year 1 are using dinosaurs and making adaptations for the habitat they live in. Tomorrow we will be making our dinosaurs with clay! I can’t wait to see all the different ideas we come up with 😊

Year 1 have been set some measurement challenges😊 we put ourselves into order from the shortest to the tallest👍 Then we used rulers to find objects that were longer or shorter!

World Book Day 2019. How amazing do we all look? :)

World Maths Day 2019

Well done to Year 1😊👍 You were all fantastic in our assembly about love♥️. Thank you to all of the families who came to see us today!😄

Year 1 have been experimenting to see which material would be the best for a boat! We decided that the wood would be perfect because it floated and was the hardest material👍

We have been very busy in year 1 this week😊 We have followed instructions to make our own pizzas!🍕🍕

This morning year 1 are using Pobble to have discussions with their partners. Here are some of our ideas: "The volcano is going to shoot off lava", "The lava will melt all the trees down when it gets to the floor" and "The lava will go everywhere!".

Year 1 have been learning about how important it is to be safe on the internet. We used PurpleMash to log in, making sure nobody could see our passwords. Then our partners helped us to make an avatar😊

Year 1 Phonics Club🔡 We applied our phonic knowledge to read sentences and substitute different words to make sure they made sense 😊

Year 1 having fun in the snow😊

Year 1 also had a great Art and Crafts afternoon yesterday! We worked hard to create beach huts for our new topic 'The Seaside'. We talked about the different materials we could use and why they would be suitable for each part of our hut.

Year 1 have had such a busy week! We had a fantastic time yesterday with Pop Project🎶 we were given lots of ideas of the different things we could be when we're older👍 #ReachForTheStars #Adventurous #Hardworking 💫

We have been playing games to practise our tricky words this morning. Year 1 have been spelling words such as come, was, asked and could😄

Year 1 had a lovely lesson with Miss Sykes this afternoon. We talked about being healthy and created our own healthy lunch boxes.😊🍊🍎

Year 1 had lots of fun on the Chrome books. We were learning how to log in to Purple Mash and we created our own pictures!

Year 1 had lots of fun in P.E today!🏃🏽 First we took part in some fun warm up activities. Then we played a team game with coloured cones. The green cones were worth the most points!

Year 1 always try so hard with their spellings. Well done to these children who got them all right!! :)

Year 1 had a great time together leading upto Christmas :)

Christmas Bazaar!

Year 1 have taken part in Secret Santa this afternoon🎅 Instead of giving gifts, we came up with some lovely ideas to show love to our friends. We decided to do an act of kindness for the person we chose. I can't wait to hear all of the lovely things the children have done😊

Well done to Years 1 and 2! You were all fantastic in our Christmas Nativity!

Year 1 have been learning about Advent. We drew our own Advent wreaths with candles and wrote what each of them represent.

We made our own version of a Christingle and learnt about what each part represents.

Drop everything and read for the Readathon! Year 1 loved sharing their books with their friends and telling them what they were all about.

Year 1 love practising our balancing skills in Gymnastics! Our friends are standing by us incase we need a little bit of help!

Tree Hunt - Year 1 used leaves to decide whether the trees were Evergreen or Deciduous.

Geography - we drew, painted and created buildings from our local area.

We have been showing our creativity by making our own plants from different materials. We decided to make poppies for Remembrance Day.

Year 1 went around school on a Noun Hunt! We looked for people, places and things and made lists so that we could compare the nouns that we had found with our friends.

For our new Science topic - Humans and Animals, we worked together as a class to label our body parts.

Year 1 and our parents were invited to take park in a Science Workshop. We took part in different types of activities and solved lots of different problems.

Year 1 have had lots of fun in Computing. We were learning how to use computers and made some creations while we were exploring!

We have been learning about plants in Science. We planted our own beans so that we could water them and keep them in sunlight to see how they would grow.

2018/2019 We love to read! We started off our year by talking about our favourite books and why we like them so much.

Sharing our own stories on World Book Day.
We enjoyed reading Lost and Found.
Learning about internet safety.
Sharing a special class snack.
Finding out about how animals adapt in the Winter.
All different but equal.
Painting in the style of Hundertwasser.
Celebrating the Epiphany.
Painting Special people and places in the communit
Liverpool Hope Phonics workshop.
Liverpool Hope Phonics workshop.
Liverpool Hope Phonics workshop.
Role-playing a Baptism.
Counting in twos.
Buying and selling toys in the class shop.
Writing toy orders.
Crafting fun during Golden Time.
Matching jigsaw pieces.
Investigating the school fish during Science.
Subtraction can be fun.
Counting in tens.
Learning about the Advent Wreath.
Counting out objects to 20.
We enjoyed learning an Indian Dance.
We role-played a Baptism.
Working together to write numbers and sentences.
Investigating patterns using number bonds to 20.
Adding and subtracting pennies using bonds to 20.

Thursday 27th April 2017

Thursday 8th June. We enjoyed carrying out our own investigations.

Friday 23rd June 2017

7th July

We all had an amazing time at Underwater Street.