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☀️Year One have enjoyed a special treat this afternoon to reward all their hard work and to help cool down☀️

As part of our History topic, Year One have been learning all about The Beatles as part of our local study. Today, we have created a timeline of John Lennon’s life. We found it very interesting. Ask your child to share with you a fact about John’s life👍🏼😊 #TheBeatles #JohnLennon


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Some beautiful pieces of work in Year One this afternoon. The children reflected on how they can live by Jesus’ example🥰

This week, Year One have been exploring fractions in maths; identifying and making halves and quarters. We folded paper to show 4 quarters make 1 whole

⭐️Miss Cusack & Mrs Dunne would like to say a huge well done to all our Year One children who have worked extremely hard this week with their phonics screening check⭐️ Have a well-deserved rest this weekend and we will see you all Monday🥰

🇬🇧 Miss Cusack and Mrs Dunne would like to thank all our Year One families for their effort today to help us celebrate the Queen’s 70th Jubilee. The children have had a special and fun day 🇬🇧 #PlatinumJubilee  #QueenElizabeth


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🇬🇧Year One have enjoyed painting in the style of pointillism artists. We have created Union Jack flags ready to celebrate tomorrow🇬🇧

Wonderful work in Year One today exploring the Islam religion in Come and See. The children have listened to stories about Muhammad and learnt about why he is so important to Muslims. The children have been so respectful. Ask your child to share something they have learnt today👏🏽

Wow! Look at the growth of Year One’s runner bean plants over the last few weeks🌿🌱🪴 The children have enjoyed observing the growth of the plants. Year One children have taken their plants home tonight and the children know how to care and look after it. Ask your child all about their facts🌿🌱🪴We have measured each child’s plant and used Purple Mash to create a bar chart showing the length of each persons. The tallest plant was a whopping 111cm and the smallest 5cm👏🏼

In PSHE, Year One have been learning about the importance of healthy eating and how to look after our bodies. In Design Technology, we have designed and created our own fruit kebabs🍌🍓🥝🍉🍍We encouraged each other to try fruits we hadn’t tried before and even cut our own fruit!

⭐️Well done to Year One’s Spanish Superstars⭐️ Miss Cusack and @LaSeoraLpez1 are proud of you!

In Science, Year One have been learning about what plants need to grow and how to look after plants🪴🌻☀️🌿 We have planted our own runner bean seeds and we are going to look after them and observe them closely to watch them grow

⭐️Random acts of kindness Lent tree⭐️


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Miss Cusack is super impressed with her phonics club this morning👍🏼☺️ Well done Year One

Year One have had a lovely day to end the Spring term🥰 In DT, we have explored where different types of food come from (flour, sugar, chocolate) and we have designed and baked our very own Easter cupcakes👅 We think they look delicious!! Then we had an Easter themed assembly…Then… We had a special fluffy eared visitor in school🐰 Our classroom was filled with treats and eggs🍫To end our day, we had our very own Easter egg hunt👏🏼 Well done Year One on a fantastic term! Have a egg-cellent Easter and a well earned rest. See you all Monday 25th April🥰

Well done to Year One’s lunch time awards for this term👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Miss Cusack is proud of you.

Well done to our Reception, Year One, Year Two and Year Three 100% attendance raffle winners🌟✨

Year One have enjoyed using the Chromebooks to do some cross-curricular PSHE. We have researched information on healthy eating and fruit/vegetables🥒🍒🍊🍓🥕🍍🍌 We then worked closely with our partners to practise our word processing skills💻⌨️

The whole OLA community are very proud of our Year One class today for their exceptional class mass. All the children sang and read beautifully and behaviour was superb. We had a special treat this afternoon to celebrate. Well done Year One👏🏽

Year One have been learning how to use a ruler accurately to measure and record length📏👏🏽

Big thank you to our Year One community who have donated money today for The Good Shepherd👏🏽 The children all enjoyed their delicious cakes and have raised over £55🥰

To conclude Year One’s PSHE friendship topic, we have designed and created friendship bracelets👩🏼‍🤝‍👩🏻👫🏻 Each child pulled a name of a class member out of a hat and designed a bracelet for them, selecting appropriate materials🥰 #FriendshipGoals

Happy #WorldMathsDay2022🔢✏️ Year One spent yesterday completing an outdoor word problem/number hunt and worked practically to understand and record non-standard units of measurement to measure everyday objects in our classroom. The children used vocabulary and reasoning to explain their estimations. We even measured how many steps it takes from our classroom to the canteen. One child described how it would take him ‘more’ steps than Miss Cusack to reach the canteen because his feet ‘are smaller’👏🏽 Well done Year One

Year One have enjoyed our little visitors this morning @acornfarm1 🐾🐰🐐🐑🐾 Thank you for coming to our school!☺️

In PSHE, Year One have been reflecting on friendship, qualities we want in our friends and how to ensure we treat others as we would want to be treated💕The children have designed their own ‘link’ explaining why/how they are a good friend. We have created this beautiful chain👩🏼‍🤝‍👩🏻👨🏽‍🤝‍👨🏻

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Year One have been practising their problem solving and team work skills today in PE👏🏼

Year One have enjoyed investigating and representing 2-digit numbers and their value🔢

Wow! What a fantastic World Book Day Year One have had! We have loved sharing lots of books today; discussing our favourite characters and stories. Miss Cusack thought all the children looked great👏🏽👍🏼 Well done Year One family for your fantastic effort today #worldbookday2022

Year One have enjoyed mastering the skill of partitioning 2-digit numbers up to 100, to show their understanding of tens and ones. We represented each number using base 10🔢📝🥰

Year One have designed, prepared and enjoyed pancakes for snack time, to celebrate Shrove Tuesday. This also fitted in nicely with our Special Meals, Come and See topic; we listened to relaxing music and enjoyed our friends company and conversation🥞💕🙏🏽

Congratulations to Year One’s Spanish superstars for this half term👏🏽🥰 Miss Cusack and @LaSeoraLpez1 are very proud of you. Keep up the great work👍🏼

Year One have enjoyed learning all about Yakutsk and comparing life in Russia to life in Liverpool. We have concluded our topic doing some lovely art exploring famous landmarks and landscapes in Yakutsk and Liverpool. Miss Cusack thinks Year One are fabulous artists👏🏽

To celebrate @safeinternetday Year One have explored the story MonkeyCow. We have discussed the importance of keeping passwords and personal information safe and secure. We created our own passwords for our own ‘safe’ and learnt the dangers that can happen if passwords are shared

Year One have had some super thoughtful and reflective responses to the end of our Community - Special People, Come and See topic. We have thought about ways we can show appreciation to our loved ones and community🥰 Miss Cusack is so proud

In PSHE, we have been learning about road safety and how to keep ourselves safe around roads. We have designed posters to help teach younger children important rules🚦🚘

Year One have enjoyed classifying animals according to their diets. Have a conversation with your children about different animals and whether they are carnivores, herbivores and omnivores🐯🐸🐷🐛🐹🐞🦉🐘

Year One have enjoyed using a number line to solve subtraction calculations 🔢👏🏽

Year One and Year Two have enjoyed a listening to a story from Mrs Davis to celebrate National Story Week #NationalStorytellingWeek #ReadingforPleasure

Year One have worked very hard today exploring compound words in literacy. Ask your child at home to explain what a compound word is and if they can remember any to share with you😊

Using practical resources to solve addition calculations🔢👏🏽

Year One have enjoyed using atlases to locate and label Liverpool, The United Kingdom and Yakutsk, Russia🌎 We have used geographical vocabulary to discuss and describe the effect of The Equator and weather patterns❄️🌧 We are so excited to learn more about Yakutsk!😊

Year One have enjoyed playing with and sharing their toys to celebrate The Epiphany

Year One have worked hard designing crowns for our Epiphany celebration assembly⭐️👑👑👑

Drop and leave the literacy lesson to get your class out at the first sign of snow fall🌨❄️ Year One were so excited to get out and enjoy! We have made predications and a class poll on whether we think the snow will stick or not - fingers crossed🤞🏼

Happy New Year🎉🎉 Welcome back!👏🏽 Year One have enjoyed catching up and sharing their exciting news from the Christmas holidays with their friends🥰😊

Our Key Stage One (Year One and Year Two) team would like to wish all our OLA community a very safe and happy Christmas and best of luck for 2022✨🎅🏽 Thank you for all your kindness and generosity this Autumn term, is very overwhelming👏🏽🎉 Enjoy🥰

What a fun and exciting day🙈🥰 Year One have had the best party day - we have laughed, danced and smiled all day😊 We loved our KS1 disco and meeting Father Christmas🎅🏽


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This week, Year One have enjoyed learning about the history of The Christingle, the origin/story and the representation of each part. We created our own to take home to celebrate Advent and share with our families all our new knowledge🍊✨

Well done to this half terms Year One Spanish superstars @LaSeoraLpez1🌟🇪🇸 All of the Year One children are loving Spanish and learning so much! Fantástico👏🏽

Year One looked very festive yesterday for Christmas jumper and dinner day🎅🏼🎉 We had a brilliant day!

To conclude Year One’s, Everyday Materials topic in Science, we have explored the properties of materials and designed Father Christmas a suit. We thought carefully about making sure the suit would be warm, comfortable and suitable for the North Pole🎅🏽👏🏽 #Science

Selected Year One children entered a Parish competition and we have a lucky winner🥰✨👏🏽🎅🏽 Congratulations! We are very proud of you!

Year One have enjoyed writing their letters to Father Christmas✨🎅🏽

Miss Cusack and Mr Finnan have been very busy! The children are super excited to learn that Father Christmas has left his magical postbox for our special letters✨🎅🏽🎉

An exciting and magical morning in Year One with a special visitor….. ELFIE the Good Elf is back🎅🏽✨ The children are very excited! Advent countdown is on…. 24 sleeps to go! #Christmas2021 #KeepingTheMagicAlive

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In Come and See, Year One have enjoyed exploring ‘waiting’ for Christmas and different emotions we have in times of waiting. We have designed Advent calendars and discussed how they help us during a time of waiting and counting down to Jesus’ birthday✨👏🏽

Well done to Year One’s 100% attenders this week - keep it up!👏🏽

Exploring and describing everyday materials in Science

Big thank you to this Year One pupils’ parents for sending in family photographs of WW1 and WW2 servicemen. The children found this extremely interesting and eager to know more #RemembranceDay  #BringLearningToLife

Year One have designed poppies and respectively taken part in our whole school two minute silence. Lest we forget 🌹 #RemembranceDay2021  #WeWillRememberThem 

Look at Year One’s firework artwork😍👏🏽 Miss Cusack thinks they are absolutely fantastic. The children have learnt lots this week on how to keep themselves and others safe around fireworks, sparklers and bonfires. Have a happy, safe weekend everyone💥🎆✨

In maths, Year One working practically to use the part whole model to explore the relationships between numbers and to support writing calculations🔢📝

In Science, we have started our new topic ‘everyday materials’. We have categorised various everyday items into groups according to their materials and properties.

Miss Cusack & Mrs Dunne are so very proud of you Year One. Well done for such a positive first half term🥰

To end a successful half term and test week, Year One and Year Two are enjoying a ‘Halloween’ themed cinema afternoon in the hall🎃👻

Year One have loved celebrating Black History Month and learning lots about Mary Seacole. Ask your child at home to share with you their knowledge and facts about Mary’s life. Miss Cusack is so impressed with the children’s art work #TheBigDraw #BlackHistoryMonth 

Well done to our Year One Spanish Superstars this term👏🏽😊 @LaSeoraLpez1

Role playing Baptism

Year One and Two enjoyed visiting Church this afternoon. We listened carefully to Father Stephen discuss the various stages and symbols of Baptism. Thank you Father Stephen for your time today😊 @OLA_Gateacre

Well done to Year One’s 100% attenders this week. Keep it up👍🏼

Year One love the new park and gym equipment on the school playground😊👍🏼 We’ve had lots of fun today exploring each apparatus!

A small snapshot of some of Year One’s dreams and hopes for the future 🥰😊

Year One loved their autumn themed poetry workshop with @Katypoet to celebrate World Poetry Day 🍂🦔🍁🐿 Thank you for all of your tips and games. The children couldn't wait to perfect and finish their leaf poetry #worldpoetryday #poetrylovers

@MacmillanNW @macmillancancer Year One have had an excellent day learning about Macmillan and how they help lots of people. We have had an own clothes day and cake sale to raise lots of money. Big thank you to all of our parents and families for their kindness and generosity🍰💰

HAPPY LANGUAGE DAY🇪🇸🇸🇪🇵🇹🇫🇷Year One have enjoyed their Spanish lesson today @LaSeoraLpez1 We have learnt so much already. Today, we have practiced simple greetings, animals, colours, numbers, parts of the body and days of the week👏🏽 #europeandayoflanguages Keep up the hard work👍🏼

In Come and See, Year One have been discussing and sharing the different things that are needed to make a ‘happy’ home. We worked with a partner to design a brick to build our happy homes🏡❤️

To celebrate Recycling Week, Year One have explored different materials we can recycle, why it is important and the impact on our environment. We have reused cardboard boxes to give them a new lease of life, we have created birds #RecycleWeek #reusereducerecycle #ExcitingLearning

To celebrate ebook day, Year One have spent time together today reading numerous stories on our interactive board 📚 #readingisfun #ebookLove

Wow! What an excellent effort made by some children in Year One for their homework. The children have been set the task to create a family tree or portrait for our Come and See topic, Domestic Church. Miss Cusack can’t wait to see the other children’s😍🥰 Homework due in Friday.

WOW! Amazing well done to these Year One children who have scored full marks or only dropped 1 or 2 marks in their maths basic skills test. Miss Cusack is very impressed with all the children especially as this is the first time completing a basic skills activity 👏🏽✨ Keep it up!

Year One have had an exciting day today celebrating Roald Dahl. We have read and watched parts of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and completed lots of themed activities🍭🍫🍬

Year One looking very grown up and mature sat at their new desk places😊

Cinema afternoon for Year One and Year Two 🎟👏🏽

Year One and Year Two have had a fantastic morning completing lots of activities together to welcome them back into school. Miss Cusack and Mr Finnan are so proud!👍🏼😍 Big thanks to the Year Six children who came to support the children.

Lots of smiles and happy faces in Year One today. Miss Cusack was so impressed - everyone settled in well and no tears were shed. Well done everybody, same again tomorrow😊🥰👍🏼

September 2020 - July 2021

Year One, it has been a pleasure being your teacher for two years. You have become such mature, independent, beautiful young girls and boys. Thank you for all of the support, kindness, memories and generosity. You will all be very missed. Have a well deserved summer.Miss Cusack❤️

Year One’s progress awards and lunch time awards✨ Well done🥰

Year One have had a gorgeous party day. We have all danced our socks off, played lots of games and enjoyed spending time together🥰💙

What a lovely way to end the last full week in Year One🥰 We have enjoyed spending time together this afternoon in golden time. Lots of smiles and laughter in our classroom🥲👏🏽💙

What a fantastic treat! This afternoon, Year One enjoyed some delicious ice-lollies in the gorgeous sunshine☀️✨ Lots of happy faces, big smiles and laughter🥰😊

Well done to our Year One Spanish superstars this term🇪🇸✨ Miss Cusack has been very impressed with all the children’s progress in Spanish this year. Big thank you to @LaSeoraLpez1 for teaching us lots and fun lessons😊

Year One have enjoyed learning about the importance of recycling, our environment and reusing materials in PSHE. In science, we collected lots of recyclable materials and designed/created some amazing designs. We have given each item a new lease of life. Miss Cusack loves them👏🏽

Year One enjoyed participating in a football tournament this morning. Miss Cusack put the children into different teams and they all showed they can be excellent team mates and follow given rules/instructions👭👫🏆⚽️ Well done Year One👏🏽

Year One have explored writing instructions. We have looked at use of time connectives, imperative verbs and the layout/structure of instructions. Yesterday, for our special write, we watched and took notes of a jam sandwich being made then we wrote our own instructions 🥪👏🏽

Miss Cusack & Mrs Dunne have selected the whole of Year One as our Stars of the Week!! We are so impressed with the children's mature attitude and hard work over the past few weeks✨⭐️

WOW! Miss Cusack is amazed and so proud.. Look how many children in Year One got 5/5 or 4/5 on their spelling test this morning☺️🥰 What an excellent way to end the week. Well done everybody✨