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Hello all Year One parents and families,


Welcome to our class page! You can use this to keep up to date with all the exciting learning and activities we do each week in school.

Please find some helpful websites below, including a link to Google Classroom (Remote Learning Platform). 

Feel free to contact me via email at any time during the year, I will always do my best to respond ASAP.

Year One enjoyed today’s art lesson. We explored Andy Warhol’s life and Marilyn Monroe inspired pop art. We drew and designed our own portraits 🖌🎨🧑🏼‍🎨👨🏻‍🎨

Year One have enjoyed planting bean seeds today as part of our science topic🌱🪴 We are going to observe growth and look after them for the next few weeks - it will be the children’s responsibility to ensure they get enough water, sunlight and TLC to grow strong🌱🪴

What a lovely end to a very busy week in Year One. We have had a fun golden time spending time together🥰

This week Year One have enjoyed learning all about Brazil. We have completed research, learnt about the climate, attractions and culture. Look at how bright and creative the carnival masks are, Miss Cusack thinks they are fantastic✨🎉

Something strange happened in Year One today,when the children came into school a tent had been pitched and lots of items had been left mysteriously.Year One enjoyed literacy, asking and writing relevant questions ready for the new ReadtoWrite unit, Paper Planes📝@LiteracyCounts1

Year One have enjoyed learning about the life of and painting in the style of Andy Warhol🖌🎨 Miss Cusack thinks their masterpieces are fantastic👍🏼🥰

What a very special moment💛💙 First time meeting altogether in over a year🥰 Nursery - Year 6 singing after the Easter parade.

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Miss Cusack and Year One have had a fantastic day celebrating Easter. Look at the brilliant effort everyone has made - well done to everyone and all parents & families 🐰🥕🐣

Happy Easter Year One🐣🐰🥕 Have a happy, safe Easter filled with lots of laughter and chocolate🍫 Thank you to all families for all of the generous gifts and the support this term💛💙 Take care. Miss Cusack and Mrs Dunne x

Year One Easter egg hunt🐣🐰

Easter celebrations have began in Year One this morning 🐰🐣

Year One have had a lovely, comfy day in our pyjamas and eating treats. Thank you to all the generous families who sent in money for The Good Shepard💛💙 Your kindness and support is always overwhelming🥰

Year One have had an egg-selant afternoon with Miss Cusack designing and creating their own Easter cakes and jelly for tomorrow’s pyjamas day to raise money for The Good Shepard. We are so excited🥰👅

Decorating our class Easter tree

In Come and See, Year One have been exploring Lent and the preparation of Easter. Today we learnt about Palm Sunday and how the occasion is celebrated. We made our own Palms, using our handprints, to re-enact the triumphal entry🌿✨

A very busy morning in Year One recapping place value using Dienes Base Ten equipment 🔢📝

This week, Year One’s star of the week is.... The whole of Year One🎉✨ Miss Cusack thought the whole class deserved to share the award because they have all returned back to school happy, smiling and ready to learn🌟 Well done Year One - Keep making Miss Cusack so proud💛💙

What a fantastic belated World Book Day Year One have had! Every child looked amazing, huge well done to all families who have put a lot of effort in. The children have enjoyed spending the day completing fun activities based on books and reading! 🥰📚📖

Happy World Book Day from The Three Little Pigs 🐷🐷🐷 @WorldBookDayUK

Year One have been writing some lovely sentences of appreciation about their special mums🧡💚💜 Lots of hard work and wonderful discussions this morning🥰 #SuperMum #MothersDay2021

Year One have spent the afternoon exploring the properties of ice and investigating the quickest way to melt an ice cube. We put the ice cube into sugar, water, salt and used the heat from our hands to see what would make the ice melt the fastest🥶❄️💦 #ScienceWeek2021

Year One have had a fantastic first day back at school🥰 It has been so lovely catching up with them, sharing news and seeing how much they have all grown! We celebrated the occasion with a party🎉 Miss Cusack is so delighted to have you all back💛💙

03/03/21 - A small glimpse of some of the children and families Miss Cusack and Mr Finnan visited yesterday delivering ‘star remote learner awards’ and ‘parent appreciation awards’ 💛💙 Take care and stay safe. We cannot wait to welcome you all back in school in 4 days!

23/02/21 - Miss Cusack and Mr Finnan have been extremely busy knocking on lots of doors to present super remote learners with special certificates and prize bags✨⭐️All children have shown such resistance and positivity the past few weeks. Keep up the hard work - it may be you next week😉🥰

05/02/21 - We have reached the end of another week👏🏽Year One well done for your continued hard work, resilience and positive attitudes. Here is just a small snapshot of your home learning the past few weeks😍🥰 You make us proud everyday. Keep it up! Miss Cusack & Mrs Dunne💙💛

We would like to take this opportunity to thank every member of our Year One community. We couldn’t have got through this term without the gorgeous children, kind parents and welcoming smiles each day. You have all been amazing and we are very overwhelmed with all your support and generosity. Have a happy and safe Christmas. See you in the New Year. Miss Cusack & Mrs Dunne x

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This term’s Lunch Time Awards goes too....

Year One have had a special treat this morning🥰✨ Hot chocolate, whipped cream and marshmallows👅 Delicious!

Well done to Year One’s Spanish superstars this term✨🌟 Miss Cusack and Señorita Lopez have been very impressed with the progress these children have made🥰 @LaSeoraLpez1

Year One have had an excellent party day! Miss Cusack is very impressed with everybody's dance moves and singing voices🥰😊 Little superstars⭐️⭐️ We even had a zoom session with a special person.... 🎅🏼 8 sleeps until Christmas✨

Year One have had a wonderful day today celebrating Christmas with our lovely jumpers and delicious dinner 🎅🏼🥰

An excellent morning in Year One. We received information from an elf that Father Christmas has gone MISSING! We created missing person reports to help find him and return him back to the North Pole Safely🎅🏽📝 Miss Cusack is so proud, super work from everybody✨☺️

Year One have enjoyed learning all about and creating their own Christingle this afternoon. We discussed each element, the mean/representation and taken them home to our families to share our understanding and knowledge ✨⭐️

Enormous well done to all that participated in the Purple Mash Festive Card Competition✨🎅🏼 Miss Cusack was so impressed with the hard work from all participants and the creativity of each design⭐️👍🏽

OLA community... Miss Cusack and Mr Finnan have exciting news. Something magical has happened! WOW🎅🏽⛄️🎉✨ Over the next two weeks our children will be posting their letters to Father Christmas ready for him to collect🥰🌟📝

Christmas has arrived in Year ONE 🎅🏽🎉⛄️ We are so excited. Countdown - 24 sleeps

Congratulations to Year One’s star and writer of the week. It is well deserved boys🥰👍🏼 Keep it up

Congratulations to Year One’s new star and writer of the week🎉✨ Miss Cusack’s superstars🌟🌟

For Year One’s new Come and See Advent topic, Miss Cusack has been encouraging the children to think about ‘waiting’. Different times we have to wait (birthdays, for a bus) and how we feel. Miss Cusack has a special box and we have waited all day to see what is inside🔍👀

This afternoon, Year One have been reflecting on kindness and the importance of how we treat our friends for Anti-Bullying Week. We have thought about good qualities we like our friends to have and good/silly choices✨ Great work🥰

Congratulations to our Year One star of the week and writer of the week😍✨ Both girls are always a pleasure to have in the classroom and have worked very hard the past few weeks; making tremendous progress. Keep it up🥰

This week, Year One have been learning about WW1 and Remembrance Day. To commemorate today, we have made poppies to wear proudly and are wearing red ❤️🥰❣️ We remember. We are thankful. We appreciate. LEST WE FORGET🌹🌹🌹

Fun afternoon in Year One for golden time, filled with laughter and smiles ✨🥰 Well done again, for another brilliant week🎉

Before half term, Year Two and Year One explored the importance of Black History and treating people fairly. We learnt about two significant people, Y2 Rosa Parks and Y1 Martin Luther King. Look at our hard work and beautiful display brightening up our corridor✨

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Year One have had a great afternoon learning all about firework safety. We have made beautiful, informative posters to share with Reception to help everyone keep themselves and their families safe 🎆✨💥

Congratulations to Year One's star of the week and writer of the week ⭐️✨ Both boys have worked very hard since returning to school. Miss Cusack is very proud of you👍🏽

Happy Halloween from Year One🥰 What a wonderful first term we have had in school. We have settled in so we’ll and learnt lots❤️ Have a safe and happy break and we look forward to seeing you soon. Miss Cusack and Mrs Dunne x

Miss Cusack is so impressed, these children have been chosen for superb work, effort and behaviour in Spanish lessons by Señora López. All of Year One have enjoyed learning lots of Spanish this term. We have covered greetings, days of the week, numbers, animals and colours👍🏽

Year One have enjoyed designing and creating their own Baptism candle this afternoon✨⭐️🙏🏽

Year One have enjoyed investigating different properties of materials this afternoon, focusing in particular on our language and vocabulary. We have all worked very hard 🥰👍🏽

Year One have enjoyed learning and role playing Baptism this week 🙏🏽⛪️

Year One have enjoyed their new science topic this afternoon. We have began exploring materials and sorting different objects around our classroom 👍🏽

Another fantastic assembly for Year One this morning✨⭐️ Congratulations to our new star and writer of the week. Both girls always try so hard and complete all their work to a high standard😊👍🏽 Miss Cusack is so proud

Another amazing week in Year One✨ The children have enjoyed learning all about Henri Matisse this afternoon🎨 We have used his famous art work, The Snail for inspiration for our own creations🥰🧡 Miss Cusack thinks they are all fantastic👍🏽

WOW⭐️✨Miss Cusack is completely blown away - Year One have competed their very first numeracy basic skills. All the children have worked very hard and should feel proud. We can't wait to see their progress across the year. Look at how many children have received full marks👍🏽🧡

Year One have enjoyed wearing their own clothes today in support of @MacmillanNW Huge well done to everybody in Our Lady's community who have raised over £350 ✨💚

Year 1 are coming to the end of The Storm Whale R2W book, from Reception. We have enjoyed immersing ourselves into various different writing tasks such as descriptions, instructions, posters, stories etc. This week we have focused on planning and writing a Seaside Senses Poem👍🏽🏖 Miss Cusack is delighted with all children's writing work during this book. We have loved every minute of it and can't wait to start our new Read 2 Write next week 🧡🥰✨ Well done Year 1

Year One have written their own lovely, thoughtful prayers🙏🏽❤️ Miss Cusack is very impressed🥰

Year One have enjoyed their first Come and See topic this term; Domestic Church. We spent time today reflecting on what we have learnt, our family/community, love and care 🧡🥰💚

Year One enjoyed having their snack in the courtyard this afternoon✨🍎🍌🥕

Year One are SUPER proud of their new display. We have explored what it really means to be a superhero (brave, kind, mighty, strong, clever, reliable) and realised we all have those qualities. We turned ourselves into superheroes - zoom in to see our beautiful art work🦸🏼‍♂️🦹🏻‍♀️🦸🏽‍♂️🦹🏼‍♀️😍

Year One enjoyed another virtual assembly with Mr Burke today. Huge congratulations to our new star and writer of the week⭐️ Both boys are always so sensible, work so hard and are a credit to us🧡

The rain this morning didn't stop us having fun and burning lots of energy - Year One enjoyed a fun Cosmic Yoga session in the hall 🧘🏽‍♂️🧘🏼‍♀️@CosmicKidsYoga

The children enjoyed Cosmic Dance

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Huge well done to Year One's new star of the week, for always working hard and being super sensible ⭐️⭐️ Congratulations to our two new writers of the week, for their independent shopping list and imbedding their phonetic knowledge📝📝 Miss Cusack is so proud of you all🧡

What a lovely way to finish the week - snack in the sunshine🥰☀️ Year One have had another great week

Year One have enjoyed fun activities this afternoon - cutting out various 2d shapes to make teddy bears and potato heads ✂️😄 We have been working really hard to improve our careful cutting skills and hand coordination👍🏽✨

Year One have enjoyed a virtual assembly this morning via Zoom✨ We have missed assemblies and listening carefully to Bible stories😄👂🏼 Excellent well done to our new star of the week - we are all so proud of you and your great start to Year One⭐️👍🏽

Year One have created their own ‘mini me’ to brighten up the corridor outside our classroom 👩🏻👦🏼👱🏼‍♀️🧒🏽 Miss Cusack thinks they are so creative and will put a smile on everyone’s face 🥰😍❤️

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Miss Cusack's phonics group have worked very hard this morning revisiting and practising different sounds ✨📝

Year One have had a fantastic first full week back in school 🥰✨ Look at those happy smiley faces😄 Bring on next week📝🧡

Year One enjoyed taking part in mass this morning, via live stream ⛪️ We listened closely to Father Stephen and joined in with his prayers 🙏🏽

Fantastic discussions, role play and work this afternoon in Year One on what we can do/say throughout our day in school to be ‘good friends’ 🧒🏻👦🏼🧒🏽👦🏻 Look at some of the children’s amazing suggestions💜💚 Miss Cusack is very proud

Another fantastic day for Year One⭐️🥰 We have explored different emotions, how they make us feel and how we should communicate how we feel😊👍🏽 Everyone created their own feelings monster to show how they are feeling today 😄🤗😴🥴😎

A great, fun day for Year One ✨⭐️ Filled with lots of laughter, smiles and catching up🥰 Miss Cusack can't wait for tomorrow😄

Capacity and volume questions.

Science Activities - Minibeasts

Activity Packs:

Mrs Kelly has put together a new set of English and Maths activity packs. They can be collected from school via the car park entrance Monday-Friday from 9:30-3:30. Please remember to collect yours and don’t forget to spread the word. Thank you!

Writing Activities. Read the story starters, choose your favourite and off you go! Remember to look at the prompts and answer the questions. The pictures are there to help you. Enjoy!📝

NASA space launch 🚀

Lots of fun ideas to try this week

Claws, Paws and Whiskers: Your Half Term Project!

Lots of fun activities here to keep you interested and busy during Half Term. Mrs Kelly and Mrs Benson can’t wait to see what you come up with. Remember to tweet photos of your work or email your work to us at the email address at the top of this page.

Maths Everywhere! Lots of fun activities, games and ideas to keep you thinking about numbers.

International Nurses Day. This week celebrates nurses everywhere and the great work they do to help us. We will look at some important nurses including Florence Nightingale, Mary Seacole and Edith Cavell.

Edith Cavell

Edith Cavell Word Mat

Edith Cavell Role Play

Comparing hospitals then and now activity.

Happy birthday Florence Nightingale.

Florence Nightingale reading task and questions.

Florence Nightingale Word Mat.

Mary Seacole Activity.

Mary Seacole Word Mat.

Hedgehog Awareness Week 3rd-9th May 2020

Hedgehog puzzles and activities 🦔🎨✂️✏️

Don’t Hog the Hedge. A hedgehog story for you to enjoy.

Don’t Hog the Hedge Questions to Answer.

How to help a hedgehog 🦔

How many of these hedgehog facts do you already know?

Hedgehog reading comprehension. Read the text then answer the questions.

Hedgehog Bread Recipe

Fun hedgehog craft ideas for you to try.

Make a hedgehog mask.

Maths revision chart

My Home Project. Ideas for every curriculum area all about your home and family. We have already covered lots of the topics in class so this will be good revision. Tweet Mrs Kelly photos of your work!

Build a model! Gather any materials you have at home and make a model of your choice. It can be a building, your home or something wonderful from your imagination! Use your measuring skills to find out its height. Tweet a photo of your work for Mrs Kelly to see.

New week, new challenge from Mrs Kelly. Do you remember our story Paper Planes about best friends Mia and Ben? Have a go at following the instructions to make your own paper plane and decorate it. Post your planes on Twitter for all our friends to see.

Easter Baking Activity

Make an Easter basket: On a square piece of card draw this template. Cut as shown. Fold sides up and secure with glue/tape/staples. Cut and add a handle. Decorate your basket!

SPRING TIME PROJECT- Have a think about the changes we see in Spring! We would love to see some lovely pieces of art work or maybe some poems or writing about what you are seeing around you! Take a walk with your family and spot the signs that spring is here!

Suggested Daily Timetable of activities

Indoor Scavenger Hunt. Write down what you’ve found! Share on our school Twitter page OLA_LIVERPOOL

Try Aboriginal Dot Painting like we did in class.
On some paper/ card draw around your hand or maybe draw your pet.
Use cotton buds dipped in paint to decorate. No paper, no problem... paint a stone or a plant pot from your garden. Have fun! 

Science week 2020

Investigating capacity

Star of the week and writer of the week 09.03.20

World Book Day 2020

World Maths Day

Star of the Week and Writer of the Week

Measuring length using non-standard units

Aboriginal Art

New half term = new exciting writing events in Year 1. We came back to a picnic and a classroom full of paper airplanes. We wrote questions about our findings.

Writer of the Week and Star of the Week

Writer of the Week 10.02.20

D.T. Making model houses

We are learning to divide

Writer of the Week 03.02.20

We interviewed nurse Rachel about her special job in the community. A lovely afternoon.

Congratulations to our Writer of the Week

Exploring everyday materials in Science

Writer of the week

Our next Read to Write Journey

Geography fieldwork in our local area

Interviewing officer Anderson and learning about the police car and uniform

Lots of fun in Spanish

Still image for this video

Counting in 2s, 5s and 10s

Exciting writing challenge

Sporting achievements

Great science workshop for children and parents

Excellent work using number lines

Remembrance Day Assembly

A range of Maths skills the children have been learning

Amazing writing during the first term in Year One! The children are really working hard!

Excellent work learning all about World War One!

Welcome to Year One! We are looking forward to an excellent year!

Thank you to all of our parents / carers who attended the Phonics Workshop this morning. If you could'nt make it, please find all of the information above.

For British Science Week Year 1 are using dinosaurs and making adaptations for the habitat they live in. Tomorrow we will be making our dinosaurs with clay! I can’t wait to see all the different ideas we come up with 😊

Year 1 have been set some measurement challenges😊 we put ourselves into order from the shortest to the tallest👍 Then we used rulers to find objects that were longer or shorter!

World Book Day 2019. How amazing do we all look? :)

World Maths Day 2019

Well done to Year 1😊👍 You were all fantastic in our assembly about love♥️. Thank you to all of the families who came to see us today!😄

Year 1 have been experimenting to see which material would be the best for a boat! We decided that the wood would be perfect because it floated and was the hardest material👍

We have been very busy in year 1 this week😊 We have followed instructions to make our own pizzas!🍕🍕