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Hello everyone! 

As we face uncertain times again I want to reassure you that I am here to support you as much as I possibly can! For Reception children I have put together work packs which can be collected from school, I have updated purple mash with some online activities and I have added lots of links to this page to give you some ideas to keep you learning. My class email is below if you need to contact me. Stay safe and well . 

Mrs Benson

Happy Half Term!

People Who Help Us

‪Reception enjoyed celebrating World Maths Day on Wednesday. We completed different activities to practise lots of different skills such as adding money, doubling and halfing objects. #worldmathsday ‬

100% attenders this week ⭐️ WELL DONE!

Miss Cusack had lots of fun this afternoon sharing one of her favourite stories with some Reception, Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3 children 📚 We read The Gruffalo altogether, designed our own creatures and ate a Gruffalo picnic 📚✨ #LWQM #JuliaDonaldson

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Reception loved completing a book scavenger hunt this morning. We explored lots of different books to find similar features and characters. #LWQM

Whole school World Book Day celebration

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Reception enjoyed the World Book Day parade 😊

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Look how amazing Reception look for World Book Day! How amazing does everyone look. Such a great effort has been made. Well done everyone and a big thank you to all parents ✨📚

‪Well done to Reception's writer of the week ⭐️ She has been trying really hard to form her letters correctly 👍🏽‬

100% attenders in Reception this week ⭐️ Good job everyone

Reception's writer of the week ⭐️✨ Well done on your instructions on how to catch The Big Bad Wolf 📝 #LWQM

⭐️ Fun fact... Did you know a tangerine will float in water? But if you remove its skin it will sink⭐️ Reception have been investigating materials that float and sink, while reasoning our answers. We explored how an objects length and weight effects whether it floats.

Reception have had an enjoyable morning baking, flipping and decorating pancakes ⭐️👍🏽 We observed closely and weighed out all our ingredients. We enjoyed watching the batter change colour and the chocolate melt. Happy Pancake Day ✨🍽

Pancake flipping and play dough fun in Reception 😊

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Reception have been investigating activities that are better done together and how we feel when we join together as a community, as part of our Come and See topic. We got together to make a Reception band, we played together in harmony 🎼⭐️ Just listen to our fantastic music👍🏽

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‪Huge thank you to Paul from the Children's Centre. Reception loved their story session this afternoon. We read and re-enacted The Three Little Bears. Then we had different activities to complete with our parents. Thank you to all parents who could attend ⭐️ #LWQM‬

Reception have had an amazing time today! We have had the rock pool experience in school... we have learnt about different sea creatures and learnt all about the dangers of pollution/rubbish in the oceans. We loved every minute, especially handling the creatures 😊👍🏽

Reception enjoyed another session of Cosmic Yoga today. Today we did nursery rhyme yoga. It was great fun and got to sing along #mindfulness #BeYourBrave

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Old McDonald had a farm yoga 👍🏼

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Old McDonald had a farm yoga 👍🏼

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Are shapes everywhere? Reception have been investigating shapes around our school and grounds. We enjoyed our hunt and we could identify and talk about the properties of different shapes. We have discovered that shapes are all around us 👍🏽

Well done to Reception's 100% attendees this week ⭐️

‪⭐️ Reception's writer of the week ⭐️ This boy independently wrote a shopping list of food for our class party. Well done 👍🏽‬

100% attenders this week ⭐️

‪Reception have enjoyed our community topic for Come and See. We have been very lucky to gain a new member in our class, so we decided we would throw a 'welcome to our community party'. We made invitations and wrote shopping lists. We loved the party 🧡⭐️ #LWQM #writingforapurpose‬

‪Reception have had a fun time this morning exploring 2d shapes and constructing different patterns 📝😊‬

‪As part of this months healthy lifestyle Igniting Writing topic, Reception have wrote McDonalds a list of healthy foods to incorporate into their menu. We enjoyed learning about the benefits of eating healthy foods and how too much sugar and salt is bad for us📝#LWQM @McDonalds‬

‪Well done to Reception's 100% attendees this week ⭐️✨‬

This afternoon, Reception have role played the Bible story Simeon and Anna ⭐️

‪Reception have been working hard today to complete different writing challenges. We have been applying our phonetic knowledge to complete the missing letters from words and label different things around the room ⭐️‬

‪25 children in Reception with 100% attendance this week ⭐️ Well Done👍🏽‬

‪Well done to Reception's writer of the week ⭐️ He wrote an excellent new year promise and he really tried hard to form all his letters correctly!‬

Reception have been experimenting with 2beat on PurpleMash. We have been using different instruments and sounds to create our own music 🎼

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Reception have been experimenting with 2beat on PurpleMash. We have been using different instruments and sounds to create our own music 🎼

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Reception have been experimenting with 2beat on PurpleMash. We have been using different instruments and sounds to create our own music 🎼

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Reception have been experimenting with 2beat on PurpleMash. We have been using different instruments and sounds to create our own music 🎼

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Reception used the clues provided to immerse themselves into our next Read to Write book. We followed the clues and used the props to reveal our next story: Little Red. We answered key questions and created our own responses. We are so excited for tomorrow's lesson #LWQM

‪Reception's special visitor 🎅🏽‬

Reception, Year One, Year Two and Year Three Christmas disco 🕺🏽💃🏽

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Reception have had a fun filled day✨🎅🏽 We had a special visit today from Father Christmas!! We had not chocolate, whipped cream and marshmallows in our Christmas cups we have designed #mostfestivetimeoftheyear

Big thank you to everybody for their kindness and beautiful gifts 😊⭐️

‪Lots of festive fun in Reception today 🎅🏽⭐️ Christmas dinner, Christmas jumpers and selfies✨‬

Reception have enjoyed baking gingerbread biscuits today ready to decorate Monday for our Christmas Bazaar 🎅🏽✨ We worked as a team to measure out all the ingredients and knead the dough. Come and buy some Monday afternoon 😄

‪Reception's 100% attenders this week ⭐️ Well done😄‬

Miss Cusack & Mrs I'Anson would like to say a huge well done to all of the Reception children for two amazing performances this week. We have all worked hard to make our Nursery Rhyme Nativity the best ⭐️

Reception have been so excited all day 🎅🏽⭐️ We have been trying to solve the mystery of the presents in our courtyard. We have been writing down our thoughts of what happened.... We hope he remembers to come back on Christmas Eve📝 #LWQM #excitingwriting

‪Well done to Reception's writer of the week ⭐️ He wrote a fantastic letter to Father Christmas‬

‪As part of our postcards of kindness scheme and class work on Remembrance Day, Reception sent letters to our assigned care home. We have had a reply from inspirational people who the children will learn lots from. We can't wait to write back this week✨#LWQM #KindnessMatters ‬

‪This week Reception have been learning all about Advent and the different meanings behind the Advent wreath colours. We have also enjoyed retelling, ordering and role playing The Christmas Story ⭐️‬

‪Children in Reception with 100% attendance this week ⭐️ Well done👍🏽‬

Elfie the Elf made another appeareance this morning in Reception ⭐️ To encourage name writing📝 #writingforapurpose #LWQM

‪May we introduce you to.... Elfie ⭐️✨‬ ‪Reception's elf and elf-mail has arrived and is ready for the children. Countdown to Christmas is on🎅🏽‬

‪Reception's letters to Father Christmas are all ready to post 😄✨ We have worked very hard writing our special letters and we are so excited 📝‬

‪23 children this week in Reception with 100% attendance ⭐️ Well done 👍🏽‬

‪This afternoon, some Reception children worked together to build a fire to help keep everyone keep warm while outside 🔥🍂‬

‪Last week Reception enjoyed learning all about Hinduism. We read Rama, Sita and Hanuman and role played different parts of the story. We looked into Hindu traditions; we designed Mehndi and Rangoli patterns. We then learnt all about Diwali.‬

Reception had a great PE lesson this morning😄 We worked hard on balancing with a partner and on different apparatus

Amazing news ⭐️ 25 out of 27 children in Reception with 100% attendance this week ✨ Well done👍🏽

Reception's writer of week ✨ He wrote a lovely letter to a WW2 veteran

Reception have been working hard in our phonics sessions 📝✨

Reception have been writing letters to war veterans. We wanted to thank them for all their hard work and tell them how brave they are - we thought they are 'real life' superheroes. We are going to send our letters and some of our art work to a care home in Essex 😊⭐️ #LWQM

Well done ⭐️ 21 children in Reception with 100% attendance this week ⭐️

Congratulations to Reception's writer of the week, she wrote her own name today for the first time independently ✨

⭐️ Reception enjoyed our science workshop this afternoon and working alongside family members ⭐️ We learnt lots of new things and got to practise lots of different skills. Miss Cusack and Mrs I'Anson would like to thank everybody involved 😄

Reception have learnt about being safe around bonfires and fireworks this afternoon. We also created amazing firework art 💥🔥 Everybody have an enjoyable and safe night 👍🏽

Miss Cusack is extremely proud of Reception's story mountains. We designed our own character, treasure and problem to create our own story 👍🏽⭐️ We have spent the morning retelling our stories to our friends.

Reception loved their singing lesson this morning. We sang lots of different songs 😊 Singing and dancing makes us feel very happy 👍🏽

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We have collect Autumn objects and used them to create Leaf man ✨

Look at Reception's writer of the week 📝✨ Her work about Leaf man is displayed up on the igniting writing wall ⭐️

‪Reception have enjoyed reading Leaf man this morning. We used our imaginations to think about where the wind could have blew him. We had such amazing ideas - Look at our writing, Miss Cusack is very proud📝✨ #LWQM ‬

We had great fun today exploring numbers in our outdoor area. We collected all the hidden numbers, put them in the correct order and used chalks to have a go at forming the numbers 👍🏽 Great work everyone⭐️

Reception's Harvest Celebration poster promoting recycling ready to send to Church. We have thought about small things we can start to do to help our Earth 🤲🏽🌎

Reception were so well behaved during mass. We listened carefully to Father Stephen tell us The Creation Story and sang some lovely songs. Well done 👍🏽✨

We have wrote and decorated their own class prayer 🙏🏽✨

Our Read to Write book is all about finding treasure. Today we held our own treasure hunt. Here are some photographs of our chosen treasures and our reasons as to why we think they are special✨

Numbers in the sand 👍🏽

We donated money to our schools coffee morning to help raise money for MacMillan. We LOVED our chocolate cakes 😄🧁🍰

Reception have been practicing their number formation and ordering. Look at the concentration - amazing work everybody! 📝✨

Reception have made a class promises today to help make sure our classroom is a safe and happy place for all 😊👍🏽

What a fantastic first week we have had in Reception, filled with fun and laughter. Miss Cusack and Mrs I'Anson can't wait to have everybody all together on Monday 👍🏽😊

First day in Reception - lots of happy faces 😊⭐️

What a year it has been! Well done to all children moving into Year One - you have been amazing. Miss Cusack will miss you all dearly but she wishes you the best of luck in your new class ⭐️✨

‪Reception and Year One have worked together to investigate mini beasts and their habitats around our school outdoor areas. We had a wonderful afternoon and enjoyed working collaboratively 🐌🐜🕸‬

Wow! What a treat... Reception have enjoyed balancability this morning. We have been improving our balancing and core strength skills ⭐️🚴🏽‍♂️🚴🏽‍♀️

Sports afternoon ready ⭐️👍🏽

⭐️ Amazing news! ⭐️ 10 Reception children have been selected by @YoungWritersCW to have their poems published! We are feeling super happy. We can't wait to receive the published poetry book in September. Miss Cusack is so proud of how hard every child has worked. Congratulations

Reception enjoyed using the reading lodge today to relax and listen to different stories 📚 We made ourselfs nice and comfortable - it helped to keep us cool ☀️⭐️

Own clothes day ✌🏽

Reception have had an exciting afternoon learning all about magnets. We investigated magnetic and non-magnetic materials in our outdoor area 👍🏽🧲

Reception have had a brilliant morning outside enjoying the sunshine ☀️😄

Today we have worked in groups to practise our phonics and tricky words 👍🏽

🐒🦁😊 Safari Park 😄🦁🐒 We had an amazing day. We got to see and learn about lots of different animals and their habitats. We even attended safari school to hold different bones, fossils and live animals! Then we went to the sea lion show and birds of prey show. Miss Cusack and Mrs I'Anson are so proud of everyone's exceptional behaviour - Well done all 👍🏽

Sea Lion Show 👍🏽⭐️

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Over a month ago we planted our beanstalks. We have used rulers to measure them to see who's beanstalk had grew the tallest. The tallest beanstalk was 19cm 🌱 We are now going to talk them home to continue caring for them.

Some of our poetry entries ready to send off to MyFirstRiddle! We've got our fingers crossed - wish us luck everyone 👍🏽📚

Enjoying snack outside 🍌🍐🍏

Investigating capacity

At the top of my beanstalk would be ....

13.05.19 - Writer of the week 👍🏽

Reception have enjoyed the sunshine this afternoon ☀️

Reception have been investigating measurement - estimating different lengths of the beanstalks. We explored shortest and longest beanstalks and we used cubes to measure 🌱🌿

‪Reception have been celebrating the arrival of the royal baby 👑‬ ‪We have designed baby grows, crowns and used our junk modelling skills to build castles. ‬ ‪We can't wait for the photograph to be revealed 👀😄‬

‪Reception have been learning all about plants and how they grow. We worked together to plant some lovely flowers for our playground 🌼🌸🌿 We are looking forward to watching them grow. ‬

‪⭐️ A good start to the term. 26 children with 100% attendance this week, even though lots of us have been poorly. Well done Reception ⭐️‬

‪Wow!‬ ‪Look at Reception's amazing Easter bonnets! We have had a great day 🐣🐰🌼‬

‪He has been!‬ ‪Reception followed footprints and went on a hunt around school to spot the Easter Bunny. Can you believe we saw him? 🐰‬ ‪He left us Easter treats and an egg hunt. ‬ ‪What a fantastic half term this has been. Thank you to all parents for all your support. Miss Cusack🐣‬

‪Wow!‬ ‪Look at Reception's spring poems 🌸🌿🌼‬

‪Reception have had a very busy morning! ‬ ‪We have done lots of counting and number work using The Hungry Caterpillar. ‬ ‪We created a pictogram and doubled numbers to accommodate a caterpillar friend coming for tea. We also went on an outdoor days of the week and number hunt. ‬

‪Miss Cusack and Mrs I'Anson are extremely proud of our Recoetion children today. Our Mother's Day and spring celebration assembly was a huge success. Well done everyone 👍🏽🌼 We even had special surprises for our mums... We gave out daffodils and made chocolate cupcakes.‬

‪Reception have spent the afternoon investigating spring and whether we have any signs of spring around our school. We found lots of evidence to tell us spring is here 🌿🐰🌸🌼🌱‬

‪26 children in Reception with 100% attendance this week! Well done everybody ⭐️‬

‪Reception have enjoyed our work surrounding the BFG. ‬ ‪We made our own dream jar and filled it with pom poms, to hold all our dreams and hopes for the future. We used PurpleMash mash cams to put our photograph on our dream job occupation. We have also worked hard on our writing⭐️‬

‪⭐️ 25 children with 100% attendance this week! Well done Reception! ⭐️‬

‪Reception have completed our science week activity based on tunnels. We made predictions and used different materials to investigate which is the best material to build a tunnel ‬

‪24 children this week with 100% attendance this week in Reception 👍🏽 Well done! ‬

📚 Big Little Library Visit 📚

‪Miss Cusack would like to thank all of Reception and their parents for the support and effort made yesterday for World Book Day! We had a fantastic day and really developed our love of reading ❤️📚 @WorldBookDayUK ‬

‪Reception enjoyed our book scavenge this morning. Searching and reading different books around our classroom to look for running themes throughout them📚‬

World book day parade 📚

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‪How fabulous are Reception’s World Book Day costumes 😊📚👍🏽‬ ‪Miss Cusack is very proud of you all for the effort you have made! ‬

Reception enjoyed our maths activities and challenges today. We played a spaceship game to practised our counting and number formation #WorldMathsDay

‪What an exciting morning Reception have had 😊 We measured flour, milk and eggs to make our own batter and filled our pancakes with chocolate spread, strawberries, whipped cream, lemon and sugar. We enjoyed making them and an even better time eating them 👅🍴‬

Reception had a great PE lesson today. Practicing our aim to knock down the cones on different levels 🏃🏽‍♂️🏃🏼‍♀️

‪Wow!‬ ‪⭐️ 26 children with 100% attendance this week in Reception - Miss Cusack and Mrs I’Anson are so proud ⭐️‬

‪Reception enjoyed exploring Church yesterday. We spoke about the special artefacts and the importance of gathering together. ‬

‪Reception enjoyed a visit from @MerseyPolice‬ ‪We learnt about how important police are and how they help us. We loved trying on the different police clothing, exploring the cell at the back of the van and driving the van. Our favourite part was switching on the siren👮🏽 Thank you‬

❤️💛💚 Spreading the love 💚💛❤️

‪⭐️ Another great week in Reception ⭐️‬ ‪26 children with 100% attendance! Well done!‬

Reception have been busy celebrating Chinese New Year ⭐️ We learned a traditional Chinese dance, painted pebbles to turn them into pigs and tasted some food 🎉🎆

‪⭐️ Some of us have been poorly this week in Reception but well done to the 23 children with 100% attendance this week ⭐️‬

‪We have worked together to make strawberry jelly. We carefully chopped up our favourite fruits; pineapple, tangerines and peaches and watched how the cubes of jelly changed into a liquid. We have put our fruity jelly in the fridge and can't wait to eat it tomorrow for snack 🍑🍍🍊😀‬

We had a great time exploring the snow today❄️☃ 30.01.19

‪Another great week - 25 children in Reception with 100% attendance this week ✨‬

‪⭐️ Reception LOVED the Pop Project! We learnt all about our environment, what type of person we want to be when we are older and following our dreams and aspirations ⭐️‬

We have used Purple Mash to create masterpieces 🎨👍🏽

Reception love yoga! It helps to keep us calm and focused on our hard work ⭐️

We have used shapes to create robots and monsters 👍🏽

We have started the NHS tooth brushing scheme to improve our dental health. We brush our teeth for two minutes everyday. Brushing your teeth is very important 👍🏽

Wow! 24 children in Reception with 100% attendance this week ⭐️ Well done!

‪Reception have been learning about being healthy and the effects of different foods and drinks on their teeth ‬

‪Reception had a great time playing with their toys to celebrate The Epiphany 😄‬

We used shapes to create Christmas trees

Christmas disco and party day 💃🏼🎉

Christmas dinner and jumper day

All staff would like to say a big thank you to a grandparent of a Reception child for this gift 🎅🏽 It was appreciated!

Baking and decorating gingerbread biscuits for The Bizaar 🎅🏽

100% attendance this week again! Amazing!

Christmas Production - The Bossy King. Miss Cusack and Mrs I'Anson are so proud.

Reception have wrote their letters to Father Christmas 🎅🏽✨

Reception have had a visit today from 'Elfie' the good elf, who sent us on an adventure hunt. We followed the clues to find our advent calendars

This week Reception have been learning about Islam and their place of worship. We have designed our own prayer mats.

Well done to these children in Reception with 100% attendance this week!

Reception have enjoyed discussing and sharing their stories with their friends #LiverpoolReadathon

Reception have enjoyed celebrating 'odd sock' day supporting anti-bullying. We have looked at how to be a good friend and how our actions make people feel.

Welcome to Reception parent workshop. We had an amazing turn out - thank you to all family members that came along.

We learnt about Autumn changes, animals and hibernation. We made hedgehogs using playdough

Counting and ordering Autumn leaves

Fireworks art

Wow! Look how amazing our Autumn art work is...

Visit from Father Stephen to role play baptism

Autumn Hunt - 15.10.18

Recreating our own giants and robots - 08.10.18

Class mass in church - 02.10.18

Macmillan Coffee Morning - 28.09.18

First day of Reception

Reception had a lovely visit to Church 23.1.18

Another busy half term!

We are having a great time together as a new class!

Road safety with DHL!

Fun at the Safari Park! 12.7.17

Positional language using the BeeBot! 5.7.17

The boys had a fab time training with Everton Academy!

RSE week in Reception.

Fabulous shape and pattern work 16.06.17